The philosophy of ThankYouology is simple: living the art of saying thank you with thoughts, words and actions creates a most magnificent way of life. This how-to book motivates you through inspiring stories, positive psychology, and empowering gratitude ideas. From basic tools to the advanced practice of a thank you consciousness, the principles are easy to understand with its “conversational textbook” approach. Create the life you desire with thank you thoughts, words and actions to transform your health, relationships, peace of mind and more. It’s simple, it’s powerful. It’s ThankYouology.

ThankYouology book

“This book is simply a delight to read. The author’s wonderful personality and joy of life simply leaps off of the page, and I found it rubbing off on me. It was wonderful to have this opportunity to focus more intently on the art of ‘Thank You,’ and I am appreciative that I had someone of Cheryl Russell’s caliber to guide me. Thank You, Cheryl, for such a wonderful book!”

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